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Title III, Part A Shared Services Arrangement (SSA)

May 28, 2023

Yvonne Benavides Education Specialist, State and Federal Programs • (361) 561-8674 •

Title III, Part A Shared Services Arrangement (SSA) provides services to campuses in member LEAs to ensure that children who are English learners (ELs), including immigrant children and youth, attain English language proficiency, reach high levels of academic achievement, and meet the same challenging state standards that are expected of their English-speaking peers.


  • Quarterly meetings at the ESC-2 for Title III, Part A contacts
  • Consult with the specified advisory members after the SAS# NCLBAA06 is received and before it is submitted to TEA, and otherwise comply with federal requirements of the Title III, Part A Program
  • Provide program coordinator and support personnel to carry out intent and purpose of Title III, Part A Program
  • Region-wide staff development and coordinated assistance based on program evaluation and needs assessment as required
  • Onsite staff development on issues relating to the EL students as requested securing qualified teachers and parent outreach as needed
  • Provide access to ESC-2 products and materials at reduced fees
  • Networking among LEAs through monthly TEA Title III, Part A updates
  • Effective classroom observation and instructional coaching

Technical Assistance

  • Assistance with preparation for program Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System reviews and TEA visits
  • Planning, selecting, evaluating, updating, and implementing of model instructional programs and textbook adoptions
  • Preparation of Title III, Part A ESSA Application and Compliance reports
  • One onsite coordinated assistance day with counselor/coordinator for ESL certification preparation training, compliance, staff development planning, or program evaluation

Sample Professional Development Opportunities

  • TETN EL Monthly Updates
  • Application/Compliance/AMAO Training
  • Parent Involvement Networking Session
  • CBTN Bilingual/ESL/Title III Directors Meeting
  • ESL Institute - Fall

Other Events/Services

  • Parent Involvement Conference
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