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State & Federal Programs Support Cooperative

October 03, 2023

The State & Federal Programs Support Cooperative provides guidance and support to State and Federal Programs managers to ensure schools operate in accordance with program guidelines. Cooperative members have access to a wide array of direct services, technical assistance and professional development to help them develop, monitor, and evaluate program and fiscal requirements. Members also have an opportunity to receive job-embedded assistance in completing applications, amendments, compliance reports, and other documentation associated with state and federal funding.


  • Calendar reminders of due dates and requirements
  • Monthly face-to-face network meetings
  • Deep-dive presentations on topics such as meeting special programs guidelines, understanding state allotments, ESSA & Perkins program requirements, and CTE programs of study
  • Program and fiscal compliance audits using a job-embedded approach
  • Reduced cost for state & federal programs professional development workshops/webinars
  • Meetings with school personnel to plan and gather data for the federal consolidated application process, including the submission of TEA e-grants performance reports and the annual compliance report
  • Professional development focused on state and federal support issues and documentation at the campus level as requested
  • Assistance to campuses in the development of required targeted assistance and schoolwide program policies as requested
  • Assistance to campuses in the development of required Parent and Family Engagement policies, recommended use of ESSA funds, and other related initiatives


Sample Professional Development Opportunities

  • A Closer Look at Federal Programs and Fiscal Guidance
  • Identifying Evidence-Based Strategies for CIPs
  • PEIMS Coding Best Practices for Bilingual/ESL and CTE Programs
  • Implementing & Sustaining Work-Based Learning Models
  • Conducting Successful Program Evaluations


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