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2022 Parent & Family Engagement Symposium

May 28, 2023


This one day event will provide parents and family members with valuable knowledge and resources on topics spanning from academic support to social and emotional wellness. 

Breakout Session Topics:

  • Parents understanding the new STAAR Redesign 
  • Parent/Family Reading and Math Homework/Tutoring Strategies in the home 
  • Early Literacy Milestones 
  • Food Nutrition - Healthy Snacks 
  • Family fun activities using STEM 
  • Family engagement for the Gifted and Talented students 
  • Family & Parents: Our First Teachers
  • Understanding Accountability and its importance for parents 
  • Safety tips for parents 
  • Mental and self-care for parents


Conference Details

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
8:30 am - 2:00 pm



$50.00 per person

Title I, Part A, Title III, Part A, and Title I, Part C funds can support the registration cost.



ESC-2, Third Floor


Keynote Speaker

Mrs. Patricia Valenzuela, MEH

Human Development Specialist - Consultant


Patricia Valenzuela is an Educator, Consultant and Presenter with over 30 years of experience supporting school districts, schools, companies, government agencies, and other organizations in need of a human development specialist.


Mrs. Valenzuela’s professional experience includes all school levels; several years as program leader, operational manager, Academic Dean, and Principal at different campuses of one of the most prestigious university systems in Latin America: Tecnológico de Monterrey.


For More Information, Please Contact:

Dr. Daniel Ceballos
Associate Director for Curriculum, Instruction, & Accountability

(361) 561-8424

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