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ESSA Tools for LEAs

January 17, 2018






ESSA offers LEAs greater flexibility for using federal funds to effectively implement comprehensive, districtwide research-based initiatives that maximize student academic outcomes, particularly for those students at risk of not meeting challenging state academic assessment standards.

ESSA renews the U.S. Department of Education’s emphasis on comprehensive needs assessments and improvement planning. The new regulations increase LEAs’ responsibilities for monitoring student outcomes, coordinated use of federal funds, and for offering high-quality guidance and technical assistance to schools engaged in continuous improvement planning.

The following pages offer ESSA resources for continuous improvement planning, instructional best practices aligned to the State Consolidated Plan and TEA Strategic Priorities, and monitoring student outcomes.

Tools for Schedule PS3001--Needs Assessment, Priorities, and Program Outcomes

Strategic Priority #1: Recruit, Support, and Retain Teacher and Principals

Strategic Priority #2: Build a Foundation in Reading and Math

Strategic Priority #3: Connect High School to Career and College

Strategic Priority #4: Improve Low-Performing Schools 

(Texas Education Agency,

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